Strength Attracts Attention丨Xinhu Canned Motor Pumps Land at Shanghai Heat Pump Exhibition
Apr 30 , 2021

The 11th China Heat Pump Exhibition with the theme of "Zero Carbon • Comfort • Wisdom • Energy Saving" was grandly opened at Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center on April 25, 2021. As a well-known brand in the canned motor pump industry, Shinhoo made a splendid appearance at the exhibition.

canned motor pump industry

A press conference of "White Paper on Distributed Air Source Heat Pump Central Heating" was held at the same time. As a participating unit, Xinhu Canned Motor Pump came to the stage to participate in the release ceremony.

Xinhu Canned Motor Pump

In the era of carbon neutrality and carbon peaks, cleanliness, energy saving and environmental protection have become the consensus of the air source heat pump industry. And many companies are also actively promoting product innovation. Model GPA20-7.5 III intelligent hot water circulation canned motor pump brought by Shinhoo this time, EEI≤0.20, minimum 5W power, high efficiency and energy saving advantage which can be used for heating, household hot water circulation system and water heater circulation system. This pump model has been unanimously recognized by industry experts and Shinhoo won the innovative product award in one fell swoop!

Xinhu Canned Motor Pump

Practice brings true knowledge! In the heat pump exhibition comfort system training zone, various customers have selected Shinhoo circulating pump model GPD25-8 and energy-saving pump model GPA25-12 as the first choice for supporting operations.

Shinhoo circulating pump

Shanghai Heat Pump Exhibition is just a site for the brand image of Xinhu Canned Motor Pump. Shinhoo will provide wall-hung boilers, air source heat pumps and water heater manufacturers with efficient and reliable services and supply chain guarantees through continuous technological innovation and professional product design. See you in Beijing ISH at the next stop!

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  • 062021 Jul
    Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump Won China Patent Excellence Award

    Recently, China National Intellectual Property Administration officially issued "Decision on Awarding of the 22nd China Patent Awards." Invention Patent from Hefei Xinhu Canned Motor Pump Co., Ltd "a stretching manufacturing process of Shield Cover" won China Patent Excellence Award. China Patent Award is the only government award in China that specifically rewards inventions and creations granted patent rights, and is recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The award of Shinhoo canned motor pump is an authoritative recognition of Shinhoo innovative strength and high-quality development in this selection. Innovation drives development and intelligent manufacturing leads the future. Shinhoo canned motor pumps will continue to empower industry development with innovation and move forward steadily on the runway of high-quality development.

  • 042021 Jun
    Flowtech China (Shanghai) 2021 Held, Shinhoo Pump Attracts Attention

    Flowtech China (Shanghai) 2021 was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center On June 2. Talents of fluid machinery gathered in Shanghai for the grand event. Shinhoo Pump was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing a full range of products to show professional pumps and pump system solutions. To achieve the peak of carbon by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, China for the first time promised to the world specific targets and timetables for the energy revolution and the response to climate change In September 2020. Water pump energy consumption accounts for 10% of the world's electricity consumption. Achieving energy saving and emission reduction of pumps has irreplaceable significance for achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality". For a long time, Shinhoo has spared no effort in reducing energy consumption of pumps. Not only do we invest a lot of manpower and capital every year, we also cooperate with the Harbin Institute of Technology to develop high-efficiency energy-saving pumps. Relying on professional technology and innovative advantages, Shinhoo's latest energy-saving pump product, EEI≤0.20, minimum 5W power, high efficiency and energy saving which can be used for heating, domestic hot water circulation system and water heater circulation system. We take our products as an example to understand the meaning of energy saving of water pumps more intuitively. Compared with non efficiency pumps, high-efficiency and energy-saving pumps are selected, and one million units can save electricity bills of 809 million RMB per year! The future is here! It is foreseeable that the development goal of "carbon neutrality" will bring huge opportunities to the entire pump valve industry. Shinhoo strives to take an active role in the implementation of the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategic deployment, and demonstrate the role of professional canned motor pump companies!

  • 192021 May
    Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump Ended Perfectly at 2021 Beijing ISH Exhibition

    China International Trade Fair for Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning,Sanitary and Home Comfort System (ISHChina&CIHE) held in Beijing from May 12th to 14th. Shinhoo canned motor pumps and ISH are going together. We will display variety of powerful Pumps at the E2-12A booth. There were many bright spots about Shinhoo pumps during the exhibition. And there was an endless stream of people who came to visit our booth. With high-quality products and professional services, Shinhoo always take Action by "making a good pump wholeheartedly" to provide customers with a brilliant exhibition experiences. With the establishment of the "carbon peak and carbon neutral" goal, clean energy engineers and end consumers have higher expectations for the energy-saving and emission-reduction effects of heat pump products. The pump is the heart of the water circulation system, and its energy consumption accounts for about 40%-50% of the entire heat pump system. By continuously promoting the innovation and upgrading of water pump technology, we will promote better the improvement of the level of the entire heat pump industry. Our new Shinhoo Pump Model GPA20-7.5 III intelligent hot water circulation pump, which has just returned from the Shanghai Heat Pump Exhibition, has won the attention of buyers once it was unveiled. This product EEI≤0.20, minimum 5W power, high efficiency and energy saving, which can be used for heating, domestic hot water circulation system and water heater circulation system. The ending exhibition is wonderful without ending! Shinhoo canned motor pumps demonstrated the great responsibility of small canned motor pumps in innovation and energy saving to the industry at 2021 Beijing ISH exhibition. We will meet at Shanghai Pump & Valve Exhibition at the next stop.

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