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  • Shinhoo's Breakthrough in Uzbekistan丨Delving into District Heating&Cooling& Water Supply

    Shinhoo's Breakthrough in Uzbekistan丨Delving into District Heating&Cooling& Water Supply

    - May 11, 2024
    Shinhoo, a leading innovator in circulation pump technology, proudly announces its breakthrough in the Uzbekistan market with its cutting-edge circulation pump. This revolutionary product is set to transform the landscape of district heating, cooling, and water supply systems, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions for the country's infrastructure needs.   With a primary focus on district heating, cooling, and water supply, Shinhoo's circulation pump offers a comprehensive range of features that cater to excel in demanding applications while minimizing energy consumption and reducing operational costs for consumers. Shinhoo pump boasts an innovative design that optimizes hydraulic performance, ensuring high flow rates and excellent system pressure regulation. This enables an efficient transfer of heat and cold throughout the district, allowing for precise temperature control in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.   Energy Efficiency Shinhoo's pump is engineered to maximize energy savings without compromising performance, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and significant cost savings for end-users. Intelligent Control The pump integrates advanced smart control technology, allowing for precise real-time monitoring and adjustment of flow rates, pressures, and temperatures. This ensures optimal system performance and minimizes energy wastage. Durability and Reliability Designed with high-quality materials and rigorous quality standards, Shinhoo's circulation pump demonstrates exceptional durability and reliability, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing system longevity. Easy Installation and Compatibility Shinhoo's pump is designed for seamless integration into existing district heating, cooling, and water supply networks. It is compatible with a wide range of system configurations, making installation hassle-free and convenient.     Uzbekistan, with its rapidly growing infrastructure and increasing demand for efficient heating, cooling, and water supply systems, presents an ideal market for Shinhoo's circulation pump. By introducing this advanced technology, Shinhoo aims to enhance the overall efficiency and sustainability of the country's infrastructure, ultimately improving the quality of life for its citizens.
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  • Wenling Pump Association Entrepreneurs' Study Group Visit to Shinhoo丨Explores New Opportunities for Collaborative Development

    Wenling Pump Association Entrepreneurs' Study Group Visit to Shinhoo丨Explores New Opportunities for Collaborative Development

    - Apr 16, 2024
    On April 10, 2024, the Wenling Pump Association Entrepreneurs' Study Group was invited to visit Shinhoo for an in-depth exchange on topics such as the development of the pump industry and research and development innovation.  As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the circulation pump field, Shinhoo boasts a professional team of over a hundred people and a national-level CNAS laboratory for research and manufacture the targeted development of professional circulation pumps. The study group from Wenling Pump Association was invited to tour various departments at Shinhoo, including the enterprise culture exhibition hall, injection molding workshop, stretching workshop, metalworking workshop, electric motor workshop , research and development center, national-level CNAS testing laboratory, and etc.. During the visit, the Wenling Pump Association study group showed great interest in Shinhoo's modern production workshops and advanced research and development center. After the visit,  Han Zongmei, the General Manager of Shinhoo, engaged in in-depth academic exchanges  with the study group various topics related to the application scenarios, pump series, industry prospects, and internship training programs for graduate students in the field of circulation pumps. At the end of the meeting, Hou Runchong, the General Manager of Wenling Industrial Brain Co., Ltd., delivered a speech about  the company's industrial brain internet platform, which  is dedicated to customizing agile and intelligent factories for enterprises, reducing costs and improving efficiency in various aspects, including raw material procurement, research and development, financing, and talent recruitment. This innovative industrial digitalization model allowed Anhui Shinhoo and member companies of the pump association to gain insights into the future trends in industrial development. The visit by the Wenling Pump Association study group not only allowed them to gain valuable experience from Shinhoo but also provided rich learning opportunities for member companies of the pump association. At the same time, the study group's visit further strengthened communication and exchanges between Shinhoo and the pump industry, showcasing broader prospects for cooperation and the potential for industry development. Through such exchange activities, mutual learning and cooperation between enterprises will be further promoted, driving the entire pump industry to continuously reach new stages of development.
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  • Shinhoo Heat Pump Circulator Pump | HAPE2024  Concludes Successfully!

    Shinhoo Heat Pump Circulator Pump | HAPE2024 Concludes Successfully!

    - Jan 18, 2024
    To further enhance the quality and energy efficiency of heat pump products, the HAPE2024 Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Accessories Procurement Festival, hosted by the China Association of Energy Conservation, was held in Guangzhou from January 15 to 17. With the theme "Embracing the Low Carbon Era, Building the Future of Heat Pumps," this procurement festival brought together nearly seventy domestic and international component companies. During the exhibition, Shinhoo showcased the heat pump circulator pumps, actively sharing research findings and practical experiences with industry peers. At the Heat Pump New Refrigerant Technology Development Forum, Mr. Cai Zhenghu, Product Manager at Shinhoo, delivered a keynote speech titled "The Road to Domestication of High-efficiency Circulator Pumps," providing an insightful overview of the development of the heat pump circulator pump and high efficiency circulator pumps. Shinhoo will never forget its original intention and persistently adhere to the business philosophy of "Concentrating on Good Pumps." We will collaborate with industry colleagues to seek development, embrace the low carbon era, and build the future of heat pumps.  
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  • Vanjord Group LLC to Serve as Exclusive Representative of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation

    Vanjord Group LLC to Serve as Exclusive Representative of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation

    - Jul 25, 2023
    We are pleased to announce that Vanjord Group LLC has been appointed as the official and exclusive representative office of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation. This collaboration brings together the strengths and expertise of both companies to provide a comprehensive and unparalleled offering in the pump industry.As part of this strategic partnership, Vanjord Group LLC will leverage its extensive market knowledge and customer-centric approach to offer a wide range of Shinhoo branded pumps throughout Russia. With a commitment to excellence, Vanjord Group LLC aims to deliver the highest quality products and services backed by Shinhoo's renowned reputation for innovation and reliability.By combining Shinhoo's cutting-edge technology and Vanjord Group LLC's exceptional sales and technical support, we are confident in our ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our joint efforts will ensure the availability of a comprehensive lineup of pumps designed to cater to various industry sectors and applications.Vanjord Group LLC, as the sole representative office, will act as a trusted partner for dealers and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. Our dedicated team of specialists is working diligently to provide tailored solutions, personalized consultations, and prompt assistance for all pump-related requirements.We invite you to visit our official Vanjord Group LLC website [] to learn more about our partnership with Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd and explore our extensive range of Shinhoo branded pumps. For inquiries and further information, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team, who are standing by to assist you. We are excited about the future prospects of this collaboration and are confident that the synergy between Vanjord Group LLC and Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd will bring significant value to our customers in the Russian Federation.   About Vanjord Group LLC:Vanjord Group LLC is the complete and sole representative office of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation. With a focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional technical support, Vanjord Group LLC aims to be the premier destination for Shinhoo branded pumps in Russia.About Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd:Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd is a leading manufacturer of innovative and reliable canned motor pumps. With a commitment to technological advancements and customer satisfaction, Shinhoo has gained recognition as a trusted provider of quality pumping solutions worldwide.  
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  • Huge Collaboration: LLC 'Vandyord Group' Joins Forces with Shinhoo for an Explosive Impact!

    Huge Collaboration: LLC 'Vandyord Group' Joins Forces with Shinhoo for an Explosive Impact!

    - Jul 24, 2023
    In an exciting development, LLC 'Vandyord Group' has established itself as the sole representative office of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation. This strategic partnership aims to provide a comprehensive selection of top-quality Shinhoo branded pumps along with unparalleled technical support. The dedicated team of specialists at LLC 'Vandyord Group' is diligently working towards curating a cutting-edge lineup of equipment that caters to the diverse needs of both dealers and OEM customers. Their primary objective is to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the highest industry standards. With meticulous planning and preparation, LLC 'Vandyord Group' is proud to announce an extensive range of pumps that caters to a wide array of requirements and sectors. From industrial applications to specialized industries, their offerings are designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Through this collaboration, customers can expect unrivaled expertise, prompt assistance, and a seamless experience when selecting Shinhoo branded pumps. LLC 'Vandyord Group' is committed to driving innovation, exceeding expectations, and enabling success for businesses across Russia.For further information and to explore the range of Shinhoo branded pumps, please visit the official website of LLC 'Vandyord Group' or contact their dedicated sales team.About LLC 'Vandyord Group':LLC 'Vandyord Group' is a renowned entity serving as the complete representative office of Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump, Ltd in the Russian Federation. With a focus on delivering top-notch products and technical support, LLC 'Vandyord Group' strives to become the preferred destination for a wide range of Shinhoo branded pumps in Russia.
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  • Test Center of Shinhoo Successfully Passed the On-site Review of CNAS Laboratory

    Test Center of Shinhoo Successfully Passed the On-site Review of CNAS Laboratory

    - Mar 23, 2022
    It is reported that the presence and guidance of the review team appointed by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAS) from March 18 to 20 was warmly welcome by Shinhoo . According to the request of CNAS-CL01 accreditation criteria for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and other relevant accreditation rules, the review team conducted on-site review on the operation and records of the management system, instruments and equipment, environmental conditions, staffing and other conditions of the company's test center. The experts of the review team affirmed the overall work of the test center and unanimously decided to recommend the accreditation qualification of Shinhoo test center to CNAs. At the same time, professional opinions and suggestions are given for the problems found in the review process. This successfully assessment marked that the test center has made great progress in laboratory construction, testing ability and quality assurance. Director Yang, R&D department of Shinhoo, pointed out: "Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise! I hope all the staff of the testing center will take this review as a new starting point, draw inferences from one instance, deepen the awareness of standards, promote the continuous improvement of the management system, provide customers with accurate and reliable testing services and escort product quality."
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  • The Enterprise Standard of Shinhoo was selected into the list of “forerunner “in 2021

    The Enterprise Standard of Shinhoo was selected into the list of “forerunner “in 2021

    - Dec 03, 2021
    Recently, the annual enterprise standard leader list of 2021 comes out; the enterprise standard of Shinhoo’s energy-saving hot water circulator pump won the title. This is a full recognition of the standardization work of Shinhoo and enhances the status of Shinhoo in the domestic canned pump industry. In order to provide customized products for fluid transportation,Shinhoo has been focusing on the development of circulator pumps. In the field of high-end equipment, Shinhoo has customized and developed safe and leak-free circulation pump for major projects like national naval vessels, nuclear power plants and space launches. In terms of civil use, Shinhoo provides efficient and reliable product services and supply chain guarantee for manufacturers of wall-mounted boilers, water heaters and heat pumps. Upholding the philosophy of energy saving environmental protection and comfort, Shinhoo’s energy-saving hot water circulation pump is widely used in air source system, hydraulic module system, domestic hot water circulation system. EEI≤0.19, noise ≤ 34dB, high efficiency and energy saving, quietness and comfort serves you. Standards are the core of quality, and high quality development means high standard development." In recent years, Shinhoo have participated in the formulation of national standards, actively took part in international standards meetings, and promoted the internationalization of Chinese standards. Up to now, Shinhoo has led or participated in the formulation of 1 international standard, 10 national standards, 12 industrial standards and 3 group standards by combining advanced core technologies. In 2020, Shinhoo was awarded the "13th Five-Year" national pump industry standardization advanced unit by the National Technical Committee of Pump Standardization. In the future, Shinhoo will continue to give full play to its research and development capabilities and technical advantages, actively participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and promote the high-quality development of the canned pump industry.    
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  • Shinhoo won the award of

    Shinhoo won the award of"Excellent Parts Brand in Heat Pump Industry"again

    - Oct 13, 2021
    From October 10th to 12th, "China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference and Heat Pump Boost Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum"hosted by China Energy Conservation Association was grandly held in Wuhan. As an old friend and silver sponsor of the Conference, Shinhoo was invited to participate, sharing our practice and exploration in energy-saving pumps, and discussing industry development with industry insiders. It is reported that the annual meeting has been successfully held for 10 sessions since 2012, and it is the highest-end event in the heat pump industry. This time, manufacturers from all over the country gathered in the "heroic city"-Wuhan to make suggestions and help heat pump industry to flourish. To achieve carbon peak in 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Under the policy guidelines of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral", low-carbon, energy-saving, and efficient heat source replacement work has become the needs of the times, and vigorously promoting clean heating is an important measure to accelerate the construction of civilization. Heat pump technology is the most critical low-carbon development technology in the entire heating field. As a good partner of heat pump, Shinhoo has been continuously increasing R&D investment in energy-saving pumps to promote the innovation and upgrading of water pump technology. The GPA20-7.5 III intelligent hot water circulation pump exhibited at Shinhoo booth has an EEI <0.20, a minimum power of 5W, and high efficiency and energy saving. Relying on its good reputation and excellent quality, Shinhoo was once again awarded the "Excellent Parts Brand in Heat Pump Industry" as well as" Contribution Award for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Enterprises". Shinhoo is committed to making pumps wholeheartedly, and is committed to making the entire heat pump system more energy-efficient, and is willing to work with colleagues in the industry to promote the improvement of the entire heat pump industry.
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  • The parent company of Shinhoo, Dayuan, has been rated as class A by Shanghai Stock Exchange for three consecutive years

    The parent company of Shinhoo, Dayuan, has been rated as class A by Shanghai Stock Exchange for three consecutive years

    - Aug 18, 2021
      Recently, the parent company of Shinhoo, Dayuan, won the highest level "A" for the third consecutive year in the evaluation of the information disclosure work of listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020-2021. According to statistics from the China Securities Journal, only 168 companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange have been rated as Class A for three consecutive years   Standardized governance and good quality of information disclosure are the cornerstones of the value growth of listed companies, especially small and medium-sized companies with market capitalization. According to relevant statistics from Value Online, among the companies with a market capitalization of less than 5 billion in the Yangtze River Delta, from the results of previous year's information disclosure evaluation published by the exchange, 467 companies have been evaluated as B, accounting for 60.81%. , While only 33 listed companies have been assessed as A, accounting for only 4.3%   In the future, Dayuan Pumps will continue to maintain the high quality and efficiency of information disclosure, continue to improve the corporate governance structure, strengthen the awareness of standardized operation, further enhance communication with investors, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.   Shinhoo, as a subsidiary of Dayuan, will continue to empower Dayuan with innovation to achieve the company's high-quality development and help Dayuan establish a good image in the capital market!
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  • Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump Won China Patent Excellence Award

    Shinhoo Canned Motor Pump Won China Patent Excellence Award

    - Jul 14, 2021
    Recently, China National Intellectual Property Administration officially issued "Decision on Awarding of the 22nd China Patent Awards." Invention Patent from Hefei Xinhu Canned Motor Pump Co., Ltd "a stretching manufacturing process of Shield Cover" won China Patent Excellence Award.     China Patent Award is the only government award in China that specifically rewards inventions and creations granted patent rights, and is recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The award of Shinhoo canned motor pump is an authoritative recognition of Shinhoo innovative strength and high-quality development in this selection.   Innovation drives development and intelligent manufacturing leads the future. Shinhoo canned motor pumps will continue to empower industry development with innovation and move forward steadily on the runway of high-quality development.  
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  • Shinhoo nuclear power equipment comprehensive thermal and hydraulic test project passed the design plan review

    Shinhoo nuclear power equipment comprehensive thermal and hydraulic test project passed the design plan review

    - Dec 29, 2020
    On December 22, 2020, Hefei Xinhu Canned Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei Shinhoo") organized a meeting at Shanghai Nuclear Energy Equipment Testing and Verification Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Energy Testing Center") located in Lingang, Shanghai At the design review meeting of the "Comprehensive Thermal-Hydraulic Test Bench for Nuclear Power Equipment", a number of experts from the domestic nuclear power field conducted a professional review of the bench design.       photo     The integrated thermal-hydraulic test bench for nuclear power equipment was jointly developed by Hefei Shinhoo and Shanghai Nuclear Energy Testing Center. The bench design is advanced and widely used. The bench test projects cover the thermal performance test of high temperature and high pressure pumps and control rod drive lines. Hot rod drop test, control rod drive mechanism hot life test, fuel assembly long-term wear and other test contents.   At the review meeting, the expert group listened to the project’s report on the test bench functional parameters, process flow, electrical and instrument control systems, etc. After discussion, the expert group agreed that the nuclear power equipment integrated thermal and hydraulic test bench design is reasonable and feasible. And unanimously agreed to pass the design plan review.       video conference     The thermo-hydraulic test bench can verify the safety performance of the system design and provide test data for nuclear power safety analysis and verification. It has become an indispensable experimental research platform in the development of nuclear power safety technology.    
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  • "Made in Shinhoo"-Helping Chang'e-5 launch

    - Nov 25, 2020
    At 4:30 am on November 24th, the Chang'e-5 lunar probe was launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in Hainan by China’s strongest rocket, the Long March 5 Yaowu carrier rocket, starting my country’s first return journey for sampling of extraterrestrial objects .         Great powers, if they have supernatural power, inspire people!   It is said that behind every successful man is the strong support of a woman. Behind every phased success of China's aerospace industry, in addition to the support of national human resources and the willingness of the people, there is also an important "behind the scenes" promoter silently supporting.   It is-Shinhoo canned motor pump.         In the Chang'e-5 launch mission, the low-temperature fuel filling canned motor pump independently developed by Shinhoo, with accurate flow and high reliability, successfully fueled the Long March 5 rocket. At present, the space pump products developed by Shinhoo have been serialized, and the fuel refueling tasks of the Long March 6, 7 and 5 series rockets have all been successfully executed by Shinhoo.   Shinhoo focuses on the development of "non-leakage canned motor pumps" and provides customized products for fluid transportation. In the field of high-end equipment, custom-developed safe and leak-free canned pump products for major projects such as national ships, motor (locomotive) vehicles, nuclear power plants, and aerospace launches. In terms of civilian use, Shinhoo provides efficient and reliable services and supply chain guarantees for wall-hung boilers, air source heat pumps, and water heater manufacturers.
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Embracing the Summer Heat with Anhui Shinhoo Retreat

Embracing the Summer Heat with Anhui Shinhoo Retreat

In order to enrich the leisure lives of our employees and strengthen our team's cohesion and unity, Anhui Shinhoo organized the annual company-wide retreat from May 17th to May 19th, 2024.   During this three-day adventure, we offered four different routes for our employees to choose from, ensuring a joyful and exciting journey that would create lasting memories. This retreat was a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging company culture.  

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