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Spreading Smiles and Happiness at Shinhoo: The Inaugural Smile Culture Month

Sep 18, 2023

Shinhoo, the leading company known for its commitment to social responsibility and human care, embarked on an inspiring journey to foster a harmonious and joyful work environment. The company's labor union took the lead in organizing the first-ever Smile Culture Month event, with the theme "Spreading Smiles and Happiness: Embracing a Joyful Work Experience." 

Huang Yafang, the General Manager of the Pump Division, emphasized Shinhoo's dedication to creating a positive, uplifting, and harmonious workplace where every employee can feel the warmth and care of the company. She highlighted that this event is not just about entertainment; rather, it serves as a platform for shaping and preserving the company's vibrant culture. Huang Yafang expressed her hopes that through this event, everyone would actively embody the spirit of the Smile Culture, fostering respect, mutual assistance, warmth, and happiness in their work experience.

As employees actively embody the spirit of the Smile Culture during this special month, Shinhoo sets a remarkable example for other companies by valuing the well-being and happiness of its employees. Through their dedication to creating a harmonious and joyful work environment, Shinhoo continues to inspire others to embrace the power of smiles and foster a positive corporate culture.

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