Centennial Legacy

Centennial Legacy

Empowering Comfortable Living through Sustainable Innovation and Customer-Centric Value Creation



     Let people live more comfortably

     and in harmony with nature



Made to last for years

Driving sustainable development


Core Value


Self-innovation, market-oriented adaptation, customer-oriented, and continue to create value for all stakeholders



In the ever-changing business environment, continuous innovation is essential to maintain competitiveness. Shinhoo has always taken innovation as its core driving force, constantly exploring new fields, seeking unique solutions, and leading the trend of industry development

Focus on Customer Experience


We are customer-centric, committed to providing customers with the best products and services, and continuously improving the experience of end users to ensure that they receive reliable and efficient canned pump products that exceed expectations

Integrity and Partnership


We value open communication and transparent collaboration, fostering trustworthy partnerships to create a brighter future for global sustainable development

 Social Responsibility


We actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility, care about public welfare, and make contributions to social and economic sustainable development

Sustainable Development


We are committed to the sustainable development of the environment, and operate with the concept of green and low carbon, aiming to reduce the energy consumption of customers and minimize the impact on the environment, making us a leading provider of environmental protection and energy saving solutions


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