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  • 192023 Apr
    Shinhoo Canned Pump New Industrial Park Held A Piling Ceremony

    On April 14th, as Han Yuanping, chairman of Shinhoo Canned Pump Industry Co., Ltd. announced that the first pile was driven into the designated position accurately, the construction of the entire factory area was fully rolled out amidst the sound of salutes. The Industrial Park of Shinhoo Canned Pump Co., Ltd. is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Mingchuan Road and Shilian South Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei City. It covers an area of about 80 mu. After completion, it will be used for household and building canned pumps, industrial system circulation  pumps,  R&D and sales of canned pumps for new energy vehicles. As a leading canned pump company in China, Shinhoo has been focusing on the development of non-leakage canned pumps. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company's product technology capabilities and the development of new downstream application scenarios, the canned pump segment has a good development trend. The existing household canned pump, industrial canned pump, and liquid-cooled pump business are concentrated in the same park, which restricts the company's business development space.Therefore, Shinhoo accelerates the planning and construction of the new industrial park. On the premise of ensuring quality and safety, it pays close attention to the time nodes and progress requirements, and pays close attention to the whole process of each link of the project construction. Shinhoo continues to improve and optimize the company's canned pump production capacity layout, laying a solid foundation for continuing to lead the development of the domestic canned pump industry!

  • 122023 Apr
    The 133nd Canton Fair will open on April 15 Shinhoo GPA-H pump will be unveiled

    The 133nd Canton Fair will open on April 15 Shinhoo GPA-H pump will be unveiled. We sincerely invite purchasing representatives to attend the fair and explore more possibilities of pumps together with us. Welcome to Hall 17.2, Area D Booth F33-36, G13-16 Hall 18.2, Area D Booth B32-33, C16-17 We are waiting for you!

  • 112023 Apr
    Shinhoo Appeared at ISH Frankfurt Exhibition

    Shinhoo was invited to participated in this heavyweight international exhibition, ISH, one of the largest and most well-known exhibitions in the global sanitary ware and heating industry, opened its grand opening in Frankfurt, Germany. During the exhibitions, Shinhoo displayed our latest products and technologies in the exhibition, including high-efficiency and energy-saving heat circulation pumps, wall-hung boiler pumps, permanent magnet mechanical pumps, swimming pool heat pumps and other related products.  With its rich and high-quality products and fluid delivery solutions, it aroused the enthusiastic attention of exhibitors and professionals. Among them, the high efficiency circulation pump(H-series pump) with PWM control function and built-in fault feedback function, is very popular. H-series pump is used for water circulation of heat pump dual supply system, which can effectively guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the system. It is more compact in structure, small in size, stable in operation, highly integrated in software control, and more efficient and energy-saving! A buyer said at the scene: "High efficiency circulation pumps are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have low operating costs. They are very popular in the European market. Shinhoo canned moter pumps are the core components of heat pump systems and have a high energy efficiency ratio. Shinhoo canned moter pumps are energy-saving and comfortable. Whether it is functional use, or product quality and brand level, it is very attractive to high efficiency circulation pump OEMs, and the future market will be very considerable.” According to statistics, there are currently more than 1 million Shinhoo  canned moter pumps running in high efficiency circulation pump systems. As a world-renowned  circulation pumps brand, participating in ISH is not only to display Xinhoo products , but also to highlight the strength and innovative technology of Xinhoo enterprises and demonstrate Xinhoo's firm determination to develop in-depth operations and advance into overseas markets, to let the world see the power of Chinese brands.By participating in this international exhibition, Shinhoo absorbs international excellent R&D designs, concepts and technologies, aiming to help promote the development of China's industry and create intelligent and energy-saving fluid delivery solutions for global consumers.

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