Fourth Shinhoo Reform Conference Held in 2023 with the Theme 'Innovation for Progress and Reform for Future'
Aug 10 , 2023

On August 8, 2023, the "Fourth Shinhoo Reform Conference" was successfully held at the Zi Peng Mountain Guangyuan Conference Center in Hefei. With the theme of "Innovation for Progress and Reform for Future," Han Yuanping, Chairman of Shinhoo, along with the leadership of the General Office and heads of various departments and outstanding employees, gathered together to unify their thinking, deepen reforms, and comprehensively optimize the direction of the reforms.

Fourth Shinhoo Reform Conference

Reflecting on the past year, facing a complex market environment and economic conditions, the company adhered to the spirit of "seeking truth, being pragmatic, and pursuing excellence" and comprehensively improved the quality of work, successfully achieving the semi-annual goals of each department.

 Han Zongmei

At the conference, General Manager Han Zongmei delivered the opening speech, stating that the past year was an extremely critical and significant period for the development, reform, and breakthrough of Shinhoo: product upgrades and iterations, the establishment of an intelligent workshop, recruitment of more outstanding talents, etc. He expressed that every change and breakthrough would have been impossible without the efforts of all departments. It is the unremitting efforts of everyone that have led to the rapid development of the company.

Huang Yafang, the head of the General Office, delivered a keynote speech on behalf of the company's management, providing detailed explanations and planning regarding talent leadership, sales structure, product layout, and procurement management. She expressed that in the future, Shinhoo will adapt to the ever-changing industry situation, be based on new circumstances, implement new ideas, consolidate efforts, and strive for new heights.

Subsequently, leaders of various departments gave speeches one by one, reviewing the comprehensive reform work of the previous stage, showcasing the interim achievements of their respective departments, and providing detailed reports on future reform directions and departmental development, reinforcing accountability and clarifying key matters.

 Chairman Han Yuanping

Chairman Han Yuanping expressed that the development of the enterprise requires continuous advancement, daring reforms, and a willingness to embrace change to maintain a core competitiveness and consistently break through the bottlenecks and barriers that hinder the company's development. Through the Reform Conference, he emphasized the need to strengthen the awareness of reform, create a good working atmosphere, and enable everyone to work with passion and enthusiasm.

seeking truth, being pragmatic, and pursuing excellence

With dreams in their hearts, strength in their feet, and a clear direction for the future, every Shinhoo employee should uphold the spirit of "seeking truth, being pragmatic, and pursuing excellence," establish the common ideal of "building a world-renowned Shinhoo and achieving a century-old enterprise," and continue writing a magnificent chapter of Shinhoo's development in the new journey, jointly creating a bright future for Shinhoo!


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