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Pool pump is used for water circulation in all kinds of small domestic swimming pool. Slightly dirty water with solids in suspension can be perfectly filtered.

Quiet, energy-saving, compliant with update GS regulations. Shinhoo pool pump ensures your clear pool and spa water for a heathly lifestyle.

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  • 232022 Mar
    Test Center of Shinhoo Successfully Passed the On-site Review of CNAS Laboratory

    It is reported that the presence and guidance of the review team appointed by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAS) from March 18 to 20 was warmly welcome by Shinhoo . According to the request of CNAS-CL01 accreditation criteria for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and other relevant accreditation rules, the review team conducted on-site review on the operation and records of the management system, instruments and equipment, environmental conditions, staffing and other conditions of the company's test center. The experts of the review team affirmed the overall work of the test center and unanimously decided to recommend the accreditation qualification of Shinhoo test center to CNAs. At the same time, professional opinions and suggestions are given for the problems found in the review process. This successfully assessment marked that the test center has made great progress in laboratory construction, testing ability and quality assurance. Director Yang, R&D department of Shinhoo, pointed out: "Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise! I hope all the staff of the testing center will take this review as a new starting point, draw inferences from one instance, deepen the awareness of standards, promote the continuous improvement of the management system, provide customers with accurate and reliable testing services and escort product quality."

  • 172022 Mar
    With firm faith, we will step up to create brilliance-- the 2021 annual commendation conference of Shinhoo was successfully held!

    In order to award the outstanding and advanced, better shoulder the safety responsibility obligation, and welcome 2022 with a better mental outlook and energy, the domestic pump division of Hefei Xinhu canned motor pump Co., Ltd. held the 2021 annual commendation meeting in the afternoon of January 22. The chairman of Shinhoo, the general managers and the heads of various departments, outstanding employees and advanced collectives all attended the meeting. At the meeting, Han Yuanping, chairman of shinhoo, delivered a cordial message to all employees, fully affirmed the achievements of Shinhoo in 2021, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work in the past year. In the coming new year, he hopes that everyone can make persistent efforts, maintain passion, and continue to fulfill the mission "Never settle for GOOD pump" to promote the steady development of Shinhoo. And then the general managers of Shinhoo made the year-end theme report. At the same time, the leaders who in charge of main production signed 2022 work safety responsibility statement with the company and issued a post appointment notice. Only we work harder and never give up when facing difficulties can we achieve success. In 2021, we encountered not only opportunities but challenges. Every shining moment in the past was condensed of the efforts and sweat of "Shinhoo people". They create brilliance and help each other. At the same time, the conference commended the "craftsman star" of 2021, the "sales pride in the Shinhoo", the "excellent employees" of 2021 and the "advanced collective". Farewell to the harvest 2021, we step to 2022 full of passion. In 2022, we Shinhoo people will start again with full energy and make concerted efforts to forge ahead on a new journey.

  • 152022 Mar
    The training of TTT internal trainers in Shinhoo was successfully held

    In order to improve the overall management level of the enterprise, meet the development needs of strategic talents, and improve the professional skills and quality of employees, Hefei Xinhu canned motor pump Co., Ltd. organized a two-day TTT training for internal trainers on December 10 and 16, 2021. General manager Wang, general manager Han and other leaders attended the activity. This training mainly focused on learning and practice from the aspects of curriculum development logic and sequence, mind map, teaching skills, etc. The whole training course was compact, lively in form and rich in content. There are both theoretical guidance and practical exercises. Our employees all gained a lot from this training. As one of the company's training projects, internal trainer training is one of the most valuable investments of enterprises. It can not only increase the efficiency and value of enterprise output, but also improve the quality and ability of internal trainers and trainees. The TTT training aims at inheriting and iterating of management culture, experience and technology through training the internal trainer and letting them to cultivate the excellence and specialty. In the final analysis, the core of the development of enterprises is the talents. Shinhoo will always adhere to the enterprise values that the heart of achieving employee value will never change, forming a virtuous circle of mutual promotion between employee ability improvement and company performance improvement, and injecting surging power into the rapid and healthy development of Shinhoo.

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Product Item: pool pump SP-402/SP-550A/SP-750/SP-8000


1.Plastic pump body


3.Motor with copper winding

4.Built-in thermal protector for single phase motor

Working Conditions:

1.Medium temperature: 5-50 ℃

2.Environmental temperature:<50℃

3.Max.suction: 1.5m

4.Insulation class : F

5.Protection class : IP55

6. Max. working pressure :035Mpa


1. Household swimming pool water circulation and filtration

2. Mariculture water circulation and filtration

3. Production of waterscape such as fountains

4. Air source heat pump unit

Performance Curve:


swimming pool pump


pool pump



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