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MEGA65-12F  is a kind of high power and high efficiency flange circulator pump manufactured by Shinhoo, it can be used in heating system and hot water circulation system.

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Product Item:High Efficiency Circulation Pump MEGA65-12F


  1.The high efficiency circulating pump provided with self-adaptive mode AUTO (Initial setting), No needs adjustment. It can be readily started and automatically to meet the actual needs of the system.

  2.Has 0-10V and temperature control function. Realize the control of the motor speed, to meet the different flow requirements of the system.

  3.The flange circulator pump comes with over-voltage and over-current protection to prevent the risk of burning during use.

  4.The junction box is on the top of the motor, which adopts button-type gear adjustment, and the panel displays the current operating mode and flow.

  5.The power interface and signal interface adopt lead wire or without wire, and the user can wire it by himself.

  6.The machine base is provided with a condensate drain tank

      Installation and Safety Instructions:

  1. Liquid may be high temperature & pressure liquid. Before moving and disassembling the pump, it must be drained or the shut-off valves on both sides must be closed to avoid burns;

  2. In winter, If it is not running or the ambient temperature is below 0°C, the liquid should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking;

  3. If pump is not used, Pls close the water pipe valve and cut off the power supply. Pls contact your local dealer or service center immediately if the motor is hot or abnormal;

  4. Be placed in a place out of reach of children. After installation, isolation measures are for protection;

  5. Installation direction is pump outlet vertically upward, And pump shaft is placed horizontally;

  6. Pump needs to be installed to prevent rain, water, exposure, etc.;

  7. Pump cannot directly collide with hard objects;

  8. Pls do not directly apply force to avoid wire breakage if not special anti-pull structure design;

  9. Forbidden to run without water to prevent wear and consumption, or even burn-in;

  10. Don’t cause shaft blockage by residual water (after shipment inspection) or water icing during transportation will not cause the pump body to crack.




Voltage:AC 230V

Rated Current:3.3A


Max Flow:37 m3/h

Max Head:12 m

Max Power:750 W

Rated Flow:25 m3/h

Rated Head:6.5 m


Rotation: clockwise impeller



         Performance Curve:


         Flow-Head Curve

          Flow-Power  Curve

           Flow-Efficiency Curve

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